The UVM Extension Vermont public libraries educational program provides Vermont public library directors, librarians, and trustees with financial, budgeting, and human resource tools, information, and consultation. The goal of the program, in cooperation with the Vermont Department of Libraries, is to support and enhance the fiscal and human resource know-how of Vermont public libraries.

Survey Report - Fiscal Perceptions of Select Municipal Officers - September 2020

Budget Management and Other Fiscal Guidance

Library Endowment Template Example (PDF)
Library Endowment Template Example (Word Doc)
Steady the course - VT Public Library MONEY minute 30 MARCH 2020 (PDF)
Gift policy - VT Public Library MONEY Minute 6 APRIL 2020 (PDF)
Endowments Now - VT Public Library MONEY Minute 8 APRIL 2020 (PDF)
Cash Management and Petty Cash for VT Public Libraries JULY 2020 (PDF)

Human Resource Guidance

Managing Work (PDF)
Employee Management Guidelines -VT Public Library HR Minute, April 1, 2020 (PDF)
Whiting Public Library Personnel Policy (Word Doc)
Charlotte Public Library Personnel Policy (Word Doc)
Library Personnel Policies - Quick Read (PDF)
Other Duties as Assigned: VT Public Library HR minute – MAY 2020 (PDF)
The Human Side of Returning to Work: VT Public Library HR minute – MAY 2020  (PDF)
COVID-19, Employee Confidentiality, and Running Your Library: VT Public Library HR minute – JUNE 2020 (PDF)
COVID-19, The Reopening Conundrum, by Gary Deziel, UVM Extension: VT Public Library HR minute – July 2020 (PDF)
COVID-19, Remote worker engagement, VT Public Library HR minute – August 2020 (PDF)
What To Do When An Employee is Sick & Flowchart- HR-Minute - October 2020 (PDF)
Library Director's Flowchart for Sick Employees (Excel)
COVID-19 Vaccinations; Hope and Hesitancy; VT Public Library HR minute – October 2020 (PDF)

Short videos on public library budget and HR topics


Budget Management NOW!

The pandemic has moved us all to a virtual world. Budget management continues, however. Here are some suggestions for managing your public library budget through these unusual times.

Vermont Public Libraries and Endowments During the Pandemic

Vermont public libraries with endowments have reason for concern; investments have fallen in value, and income from endowments will be impacted. Learn about how this may recession may affect your library's endowment, and a little bit about how endowments work.

How to Talk Like An Accountant - For Library Staff

In this short screencast, Gary Deziel explains accounting terms in layperson's terms. This is specifically for public libraries, but can be used by any audience wishing to learn more about common accounting terms.