On farms with Latino employees, language and communication issues can be challenging, and cultural differences can result in problems that impact the economic success of the farm and the social well-being of both the employees and employer.

Many of these problems can be successfully addressed by improving communication and mutual understanding between farm owners and employees. The resources on this site are geared towards Vermont dairy farms with a Latino workforce; however, much of the information is relevant to any farm owner who manages employees.

Vermont Initiatives

From May 2010 to September 2013, the Farming Across Cultures Communication Project (FACCP) and Vermont Agricultural Labor Management Program (VT ALMa) supported increased communication, understanding and training on farms with Latino employees. The collection of educational tools, resources and links from these UVM Extension initiatives remain on this website for reference.

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Ag Labor Management With a Latino Workforce (PDF)

(Published 2011, 142 pages; Migration, cultural considerations, labor management, community resources)