View of Camel's Hump taken from drone, with farm fields and forest buffers around Winooski River on a day with morning fog.

Our team is a dynamic group housed across the Bennington, Berlin, Rutland and St. Albans offices, covering many aspects of business management in agriculture, maple and forestry products.

Mark Canella, Farm Business Director. Berlin office. 1-866-860-1382 ext 207,

As Director of Agricultural Business programs at UVM Extension, Mark oversees team efforts, maintains core programs, and develops new program initiatives in applied research, technical assistance and outreach education. Mark’s primary outreach programming is in the field of maple business education and economic development. He works with maple business owners on cost of production analysis, business planning and feasibility studies. Mark has been working for UVM Extension since 2011. He holds a B.S. from Saint Lawrence University and an M.S. in Community Development and Applied Economics from UVM. Mark grew up in New York and connected with Cornell Extension while in college, during which time he also studied agriculture abroad in Kenya. After college he worked at Shelburne Farms for six years as a market gardener, sugarmaker and educator. Mark’s past experiences provided a deep appreciation for land stewardship and the essential importance of farmer livelihoods. In his work he is excited to see farm and forest operators find a way to make a living with the land. He focuses on listening, sharing resources and working through the technical details of financial analysis.

Tony Kitsos, Farm Business Educator; Water Quality Business Analysis Program Coordinator. St. Albans office, 1-800-639-2130 ext 440,

Since 2005 Tony has been working at UVM with Vermont’s dairy and agricultural community, assisting them in business planning, production management and financial analysis. He works with farmers on writing business plans, assessing the overall health of their operations and developing on-farm management teams for strategic planning. As coordinator of the Water Quality Financial Analysis Program, he works on water quality-related infrastructure improvements for farms, and he also leads the New England Green Pastures Vermont Dairy Farmer of the Year award program. Prior to 2005, Tony spent 14 years as a dairy management and nutrition consultant, working in two different feed and nutrition companies and servicing farmers in both Vermont and upstate New York. Prior to that he worked at the UVM Bioresearch Facility, a 4,000-bird poultry nutrition flock and small animal research facility. He holds a B.S. in Wildlife Management from University of Maine and a M.S. in Community Development and Applied Economics from UVM. Tony sees a place for a diverse array of agricultural products from commercial dairy to specialty foods, and enjoys the renewed perspectives and insights into Vermonters’ entrepreneurial spirit his job offers on a regular basis. In his spare time he has a passion for working with youth in athletics (basketball, baseball, football).

Christopher Lindgren, Forest Business Program Manager. 1-800-281-6977 ext 274,

Chris provides one-on-one business planning and coaching, as well as business skills workshops and training to Vermont’s forest products industry and businesses. He also works with the Maple Business Benchmark project managing data and developing business planning tools and resources. Chris has been working with Extension since 2013 when he collaborated on work with Farm Viability and the Carrot Project. Previously, he worked in small businesses for 25 years, focusing on finance and production management. He also has specific experience in sawmills, wood products manufacturing and timber framing. Chris grew up in Vermont, built a post and beam home on his family’s land and operates a small sugaring operation with his family. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the mountains and valleys of Vermont with his family. He holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from Marlboro College, as well as continuing education in accounting.

Betsy Miller, Farm Business Educator; Farm Viability Program Manager. 1-800-287-1552 ext 252,

Betsy coordinates the Farm Viability Program, where she works one-on-one with farmers to develop and implement business plans, conduct cash flow or enterprise analysis, and to update annual financial statements. Betsy grew up on a small dairy farm in Bradford, Vermont and holds a B.S. in Agriculture from Iowa State University.

Zachary Smith, Agricultural Business Educator. 1-800-639-2130 ext 446,

Zac provides farm business outreach and education, assisting farmers in analyzing their businesses, evaluating alternatives and promoting best practices. Zac advises farm owners in the preparation of farm business plans and transfer & succession plans. He also oversees project teams to implement operational and investment changes and comply with environmental regulations. Zac joined the staff of UVM Extension in 2019 after collaborating on Farm Viability projects. He began working in agricultural communities in Ecuador in 2005 as a Peace Corps volunteer and worked in both Ecuador and Guatemala for six years on community and farm development projects. He holds a B.A. from Ohio University (Athens), an M.B.A. from Kennesaw State University in Georgia and is pursuing graduate studies at UVM focusing on Plant and Soil Sciences and Agroecology. Zac has lived in Vermont since 2014 with his wife. He is inspired by the unique farmers he works with and sees his work as a way to contribute to growing communities.