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Looking to work in a collaborative environment that affirms an individual's identity, experiences, and contributions? The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is looking to welcome new members to our team and we encourage talented and diverse candidates to apply.

Position openings are listed below. If a link to a UVMJobs posting is not available, please check back again soon as applications are not yet being accepted.

Job Opportunities in the Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Interfaith Center outdoor sign with yellow and purple flowers planted below

Interfaith Center

The Interfaith Center seeks to equip and empower students, staff, faculty, and the UVM community in engaging more comfortably and competently with spirituality and religion.


Position TitlePosition DescriptionUVMJobs Posting Number
Coordinator for Leadership Development & Programs

Work collaboratively with students and campus partners, create and implement innovative programing, events, and multimedia resources to foster a more just and sustainable campus community where individuals can bring their full selves to their life, work, and study at UVM to include religious and philosophical identities and perspectives. The Coordinator for Leadership Development & Programs will do this by:

  • providing student leadership development, event planning, community building, and related logistics;
  • leading efforts to equip students across the institution to increase their knowledge, skills, and attitudes for interfaith dialogue and exploration, ethical reflection, religious literacy, resilience, and positive community engagement; and
  • recruiting, training, and supervising student staff and volunteers and participate in any relevant campus and community efforts to represent the Interfaith Center and UVM.



The Mosiac Center for Students of Color

The Mosiac Center supports the development of UVM's self-identified students of color. By helping students set and achieve their goals in academic achievement, personal growth, and identity formation, MCSC works to create a diverse and rich community of empowered, engaged, and enthusiastic students of color at UVM.

Position TitlePosition DescriptionUVMJobs Posting Number
Coordinator for Underrepresented Student Retention and SuccessLead the continued development and implementation of the Summer Enrichment Scholars Program, a summer bridge for modest income, first generation, and students of color, through:
  • leading and supervising all facets of the Summer Enrichment Scholars Program;
  • coordinating MCSC peer-mentoring program;
  • providing academic, cultural, and emotional advising to students of color and New American students; and
  • developing curriculum and outreach opportunities that enhance collaboration, representation, and education for various internal and external audiences.


Coordinator for Leadership Development and ProgramsHelp give students of color the tools and skills to be leaders now and in the future by:
  • developing programs and trainings within MCSC and with partnering units and organizations;
  • mentoring and advising students while enhancing networks of community and institutional resources; and
  • collaborating on external programming, including workshops and events.
Student AdvisorAdvise students in a holistic manner that will set them up for success in all facets of their lives by:
  • providing students with guidance, cousel, advice, and referral facilitation while monitoring outcomes and following up with campus partners;
  • developing programming centered on student outreach, support, and retention; and
  • collaborating and connecting with external departments and organizations to identify needs, increase representation, and promote health and wellness of students of color.



Prism Center

The Prism Center serves the diverse queer and trans communities at UVM. They support and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students, as well as students whose identities fall in between or expand beyond those categories, and work to create a campus community where people of all sexual and gender identities can thrive.

Position TitlePosition DescriptionUVMJobs Posting Number
Community Engagement Coordinator

Design and Implement a comprehensive outreach strategy to connect queer and trans students to resources, build community and networks of support, and promote conditions at UVM where students with diverse LGBTQ+ identities can thrive by:

  • focusing on educational initiatives designed to engage the campus community around issues of gender, sexuality, and other components critical to the Prism Center’s work,
  • coordinating the Prism Center’s annual programs and promotion of wellness efforts for trans and queer students,
  • working collaboratively with students and campus partners, to create innovative educational and outreach opportunities for a more supportive and affirming campus, and
  • representing the Prism Center in various roles within the campus community.



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