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UVM Geomorphology and Cosmogenic Lab Staff

Temporary and long-term staff are critical to the completion of many projects. These staff have built the Landscape Change Program database, purified quartz, created our publications database, and inventoried samples.

Current Staff

Lee Corbett, Facility Manager (2018-present)
Landon Williamson, Quartz Preparation, Database Management, and Website Design (2018-present)

Past Staff

Jennifer Larsen - Technician (1999-2009)
Jamie Russell- Quartz Preparation and Database Management (2007-2008)
Elizabeth Andre- Quartz Preparation and Database Management (2007)
John Paul Lavoie - Database Management (2006-2007)
Paul Fleckenstein - Quartz Preparation (2006)
Michala Peabody - Quartz Preparation (2005-2006)
Jens Hilke - Database Management (2004-2005)
Megan McGee - Quartz Preparation and Database Management (2003-2004)
Ben Copans - Quartz Preparation (2001-2003)
Laura Mallard - Database Management (2000-2003)
Willy Amidon - Database creation (2001-2002)
Susan Nies - Technician (1997-1999)
Jill Turner - Technician (1993-1995)
Sean Lampert - Lab Assistant (1996)
Lawrence (Skip) Delclos - Renovation Assistant (1993)