Spotlight On: Riley Korhonen '22

Capstone Research Makes Outdoor Exercise Accessible for Older Adults
Person outdoors holding Nordic walking poles, smiling at camera

Riley Korhonen ’22 participates in an exercise science capstone project that combines research with community service. The research outcomes will benefit older people long after Korhonen graduates.

Korhonen instructs weekly sessions of group Nordic trekking — that’s walking with specially designed poles similar to cross-country ski poles — for older people. Along with guiding walks and...

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Emily Dow smiling at the camera, with a background of a sunset over a lake

Alumni Pride: Emily Dow ‘21

For a student who loves science, art, engineering and helping people, exercise science provides an excellent career path. It’s the perfect itinerary for Emily Dow '21, who is en route to her dream job in prosthetics and orthotics. Ultimately, Dow intends to design and fit artificial limbs and devices for war veterans and children with absent limbs or disabling conditions.

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Two people wearing masks place electrical pads on the legs of a third person wearing a mask and seated in a rowing machine.

Alumni Pride: Lauren Lamberton ’20 and Gabriel Purin ‘20

At Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge, Mass., Class of 2020 alumni Lauren Lamberton and Gabriel Purin manage an exercise center for people paralyzed by spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and stroke.

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