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UVM’s new minor in Integrative Health is open to students in all majors. 

Integrative Health is a whole person approach to health. It is the true integration of traditional medical care, complementary care and self-care. Major health systems, such as the Veterans Administration, are switching to an Integrative Model of care as a way to enhance the patient experience, reduce costs, improve health outcomes and reduce provider burnout. Integrative health represents a transformation of our current way of thinking about health. Integrative health focuses on promoting health and prevention of disease instead of a model of healthcare that focuses on disease management.

Be part of the transformation of healthcare by enrolling in the minor in Integrative Health. No application required.


The Integrative Health minor involves nine credits of required courses and six credits of electives selected from the areas of mindfulness, behavior change, yoga, and integrative nutrition and herbalism.

Fifteen credits must include the following:

HLTH 2010* Intro to Integrative Health  – 3 credits

HLTH 3010 Science and Evidence in CAM – 3 credits

HLTH/ENVS 2070 SU: Human Health and the Environment – 3 credits OR Planetary Human Health - 3 credits OR Climate and Human Health - 4 credits

Six credits from at least two areas in the following list (with a maximum of 3 one-credit courses in a single area):

Mindfulness/Mind and Body

HLTH 2370 Mindful Eating

HLTH 1990 Mindfulness-based Health and Wellness

Behavior Change

HLTH 1980* Restore, Rejuvenate, Energize

COMU 1010 Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies

COMU 2250 The Science of Happiness

COMU 2220 Family Wellness Coaching

HSCI 2300 Health Promotion

Travel/Global Health

HLTH 270: SU Iceland: Exploring Therapeutic Effects of Icelendic Thermal Springs

HLTH 3100 Mexico: Health and Culture in Oaxaca

ANTH 2170 D2: Culture, Health and Healing

HLTH 2760 Greece: Health, Culture, Sustainability in the Mediterranean


HSCI 1200: D1 Anti-Racism and Health

HLTH 2600: D1 Racism and Health Disparities


NURS 3000 SU: Health and Sustainability (For nursing majors only.)


PEAC 1006 Yoga and Mindfulness

PEAC 1100 Yoga and the Chakras

PEAC 1008 Introduction to Yoga 

PEAC 1009 Restorative Yoga

Integrative Nutrition and Herbalism

PSS 2990 Special Topics: Plant-Based Healing Medicine

NFS 1990 Cooking for Health

NFS 2114 / FS 2030 Human Health in the Food System

Independent Study Options

HLTH 3993 Integrative Health Independent Study

HLTH 3994 Integrative Health Teaching Assistantship


*HLTH 2010 is an online class and has a recommended interactive lab, HLTH 1980, which is a face-to-face class.

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  • Start Date: August
  • Duration: 15 Credits
  • Learning Format: On Campus

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