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UVM Rehabilitation and Movement Science students benefit from programs that facilitate early engagement, hands-on experience, and applied interprofessional learning. Additionally, opportunities for participation in travel study, undergraduate research and honors programs and clubs and professional organizations are widely available.

Study Abroad

UVM offers study abroad opportunities that complement the athletic training, exercise and movement science, and physical therapy curricula. Contact the Office of International Education to learn more, and discuss your options with your advisor.

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Research Programs

The Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science integrates applied human sciences that focus on health promotion and disease and injury prevention through participation in physical activity. Department faculty have strong interdisciplinary research ties with faculty in engineering, nutrition, psychology, and medicine.

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Hands-on Learning

Athletic Training Clinical Experience

The University of Vermont's clinical affiliations with collegiate and high school sports teams, outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation clinics, and the University of Vermont College of Medicine directly involve athletic students with patients and athletes, parents, coaches and administrators and offer interactions with athletic trainers and other health care professionals. These connections also provide opportunities to observe surgery and conduct faculty-mentored research.

First-year students undertake 50 hours of directed observation of sports practices and games while enrolled in AT 168. During this time they become acquainted with the daily routines of the athletic training staff on campus and engage with upper-level students in the program. Upon meeting retention and promotion requirements, students matriculate into the "clinical portion" of the program in their second year, where they are assigned to a different clinical preceptor each semester at both on- and off-campus clinical sites.

Exercise and Movement Science Senior Capstone Experience

Students are required to complete a one- to six-credit senior capstone experience under the direct supervision of health and wellness professionals on campus or at off-campus affiliate sites. Students intern in a variety of settings including community health and fitness facilities, clinical or rehabilitative programs, wellness organizations, athletic programs, private fitness industry, and specific activity organizations. The requirement is completed during either the fall or spring semester of the senior year. The Senior Capstone may also be completed at off-campus sites the summer prior to senior year if pre-approved by the program.

Physical Therapy Clinical Experience

The D.P.T. curriculum includes four clinical internship courses that comprise 36 weeks of full-time clinical education experience. Students practice in a variety of settings under the supervision of clinical instructors who are licensed physical therapists.


Internships allow students to apply the skills and knowledge learned in class to real-world circumstances. Students may discuss their interests and options with an advisor, and connect with opportunities through the UVM Career Center.

Honors Programs

University of Vermont Honors College

Academically high-achieving students are invited to become part of the UVM Honors College when they are admitted to the University. Students already attending UVM may apply for admission in the spring of their first year.