Nancy Gell, PT, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Nancy Gell

Associate Professor with Tenure

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Exercise and physical activity adherence, influence of environment and technology on physical activity behavior, strategies for healthy aging


Elizabeth Harding, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Harding

Clinical Assistant Professor, Exercise Science

Areas of Expertise And/Or Research

Physical activity interventions for cancer rehabilitation, movement variability with aging and injury


Susan Kasser, Ph.D.

Susan Kasser

Associate Professor, Interim Chair

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Postural control and fall risk in adults with multiple sclerosis, physical and psychological outcomes of exercise for individuals with multiple sclerosis, physical activity and health in people with multiple sclerosis


Nathan Kokinda, M.S.

Nathan Kokinda

Clinical Assistant Professor

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Exercise intervention following cancer treatment, physiological testing


Jeremy Sibold, Ed.D., ATC

Jeremy Sibold

Associate Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

The relationship between exercise and mental health, the relationship between psychosocial variables and athletic injury


Connie Tompkins, Ph.D.

Connie Tompkins

Karen C. Westervelt, PT, ATC, NBC-HWC, Ph.D.

Karen Westervelt

Clinical Assistant Professor and Integrative Health Educational Program Director

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Classification and treatment of low back pain, orthopedic manual therapy, post-professional physical therapist education, international collaborations in health care, novel mentoring techniques for new clinicians and clinicians in rural settings, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, travel study