Occupational Therapy Program Director

Dr. Priganc joins the University of Vermont from Clarkson University, where she was the program director and chair of the developing occupational therapy program. She steered that program through the initial accreditation process and the program was awarded the maximum accreditation for a new program. She is an occupational therapist and a certified hand therapist, and most of her clinical work has been focused in hand rehabilitation. She serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Hand Therapy, the premiere peer-reviewed journal in her field. She recently received her Executive Certification on Home Modifications from the University of Southern California, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. She has also been active throughout her career with the American Society of Hand Therapists. Her research interests involve hand rehabilitation topics such as orthotics, chronic pain, manual edema mobilization, health and wellness, and aging-in-place. Currently, Dr. Priganc is developing the University of Vermont's Occupational Therapy program.

Research and/or Creative Works

Smith, A., Priganc, V. & Westervelt, K.

  • Integrative health coaching in occupational therapy – a core tenant of an already health promoting profession. A scoping review.

Priganc, V. & Towsley, J.

  • Senior buddy project and impact on older adults health and wellness.

Kreb, K. & Priganc, V.

  • Exploring relationships among embedded occupational therapy fieldwork experiences and CliftonStrengths assessment results with student preparedness, clinical reasoning development, self-reflection and insight.

Priganc, V., & Nafai, S.

  • Cultural humility discussion through the utilization of a generic case study among OT students in Vermont and Morocco.


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Awards and Recognition

  • Awarded 2023 Collaborative Graduate Recruiting Pilot Program at the University of Vermont
  • Certificate of Appreciation in Teaching Excellence, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, 2015-2016
  • Annual grant funding recipient for federal program, United States Department of Health Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Program Return on Investment Training Award, Saint Wall Street LLC, 2014
  • Outstanding Committee Member Award, Research Committee, American Society of Hand Therapists, 2008
  • Governance Committee Nominee, American Society of Hand Therapists, 2008
  • Teacher of the Year Nominee, University of New England Occupational Therapy program, 2001
  • Research grant recipient from Physical and Occupational Therapy Associates, Williston, VT, 1999
  • Outstanding Committee Member Award, International Opportunities in Hand Therapy Subcommittee, American Society of Hand Therapists, 1998

Associations and Affiliations

  • American Society of Hand Therapists
  • American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Vermont Occupational Therapy Association
  • Journal of Hand Therapy
  • Roster of Accreditation Evaluators, Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education
Victoria Priganc

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), hand rehabilitation, manual edema mobilization, orthosis, Executive Certificate in Home Modifications (ECHM) from the University of Southern California, aging-in-place


  • Ph.D., Occupational Therapy; Nova Southeastern University
  • M.S., Movement Science and Rehabilitation; University of Vermont
  • B.S., Occupational Therapy; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


  • (802) 656-8146
Office Location:

Living Learning Center, Building C, Office C150