Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Rebecca Ouellette-Morton is a clinical associate professor of rehabilitation and movement science at the University of Vermont. She teaches cardiopulmonary, clinical medicine, pharmacology, lymphedema, oncology, nutrition, and clinical education content. Rebecca practices in an outpatient clinic and sees patients across the lifespan with a focus on wellness and preventative medicine. She is a lymphedema certified therapist and treats patients with lymphedema and swelling disorders. She is a PhD candidate in the UVM LCOM Clinical & Translational Science program. Rebecca is involved in interprofessional research focusing on oncology rehabilitation with a secondary researchinterest in culturally responsive graduate healthcare education. Her service and community engagement includes development and leadership in the cultural immersion experience within the UVM DPT program. This experience offers students the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of diverse communities both locally and internationally.


Henry SM, Van Dillen L, Ouellette-Morton RH, Hitt JR, Lomond KV, DeSarno MJ, Bunn JY.  Short-term outcomes are not different for patient-matched vs. non-matched treatment in subjects with chronic, recurrent low back pain. The Spine Journal.  March 2014;14(12):2799-810.

Zielinski, K, Ouellette-Morton RH, Henry SM.  Activation of lumbar multifidus muscle predicts patients with low back pain who improve with trunk stabilization exercises. Archives of Physical Medicine Rehabil.  2012 Dec 7. PMID:23228626

Chenette J, Henry S, Van Dillen L, Ouellette-Morton R, Dee J, Bunn J. A Shortened Movement System Impairment Exam for Classifying Subjects with Low Back Pain.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Las Vegas. Feb 2014.

McLaren K, Ouellette-Morton RH, Van Dillen L, Bunn J, Henry S.  Evaluating Independence in Exercise Performance for Patients with Low Back Pain.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Las Vegas. Feb 2014.

Henry SM, Ouellette-Morton RH, Hitt JR, Van Dillen L, Bunn JY. Short-term disability and pain outcomes do not differ for patients with low back pain who receive Treatment-Based Classification Stabilization or Movement System Impairment exercises. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Chicago. Feb 2012.

Jacobs JV, Ouellette-Morton RH, Hitt JR, Lomond KV, Van Dillen L, Henry SM. Objective measures of movement and muscle activity associated with modifying lumbar movement patterns exhibited during quadruped arm raises of subjects with low back pain. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Chicago. Feb 2012.

Associations and Affiliations

  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • APTA Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section
  • Academy on Oncologic Physical Therapy
  • APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor
Becky Ouellette

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Integration of function, nutrition, and cardiovascular components to address individual and community wellness and quality of life, interprofessional oncology rehabilitation, lymphedema and swelling disorders, cultural immersion experiences and cultural competency, travel study


  • D.P.T.; University of New England
  • M.P.T.; University of Vermont
  • M.S.; University of Vermont
  • B.S.; University of Vermont


  • 802-598-8432
Office Location:

310-I Rowell Hall

Courses Taught

  • DPT 405 - Clinical Medicine
  • DPT 406 - Exercise Science
  • DPT 407 - Pharmacology/Nutrition
  • DPT 426 - Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Patient Management
  • DPT 427 - Integumentary, Endocrine & Multisystems
  • DPT 453 - Professional Leadership
  • DPT 460/461/462/462 - Clinical Education Experience
  • DPT 493/494/495 - Doctoral Research Project Series
  • DPT 496 - Oncology Rehab Special Topic