Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Clinical Education

Becky Ouellette-Morton is the associate director of clinical education for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and manages the placement of students in supervised internship experiences throughout the United States. Dr. Ouellette-Morton teaches pathophysiology, pharmacology and professional seminar courses related to professional practice, ethics, interprofessional experiences and professional development. Her teaching and clinical practice interests include interprofessional education, integrative health, and wellness; and her research interests include the integrative health care functional outcomes and social responsibility of health care.


Henry SM, Van Dillen L, Ouellette-Morton RH, Hitt JR, Lomond KV, DeSarno MJ, Bunn JY.  Short-term outcomes are not different for patient-matched vs. non-matched treatment in subjects with chronic, recurrent low back pain. The Spine Journal.  March 2014;14(12):2799-810.

Zielinski, K, Ouellette-Morton RH, Henry SM.  Activation of lumbar multifidus muscle predicts patients with low back pain who improve with trunk stabilization exercises. Archives of Physical Medicine Rehabil.  2012 Dec 7. PMID:23228626

Chenette J, Henry S, Van Dillen L, Ouellette-Morton R, Dee J, Bunn J. A Shortened Movement System Impairment Exam for Classifying Subjects with Low Back Pain.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Las Vegas. Feb 2014.

McLaren K, Ouellette-Morton RH, Van Dillen L, Bunn J, Henry S.  Evaluating Independence in Exercise Performance for Patients with Low Back Pain.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Las Vegas. Feb 2014.

Henry SM, Ouellette-Morton RH, Hitt JR, Van Dillen L, Bunn JY. Short-term disability and pain outcomes do not differ for patients with low back pain who receive Treatment-Based Classification Stabilization or Movement System Impairment exercises. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Chicago. Feb 2012.

Jacobs JV, Ouellette-Morton RH, Hitt JR, Lomond KV, Van Dillen L, Henry SM. Objective measures of movement and muscle activity associated with modifying lumbar movement patterns exhibited during quadruped arm raises of subjects with low back pain. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Chicago. Feb 2012.

Associations and Affiliations

  • American Physical Therapy Association, Education Section
  • New England Consortium of ACCE

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Essential functions in physical therapy education
  • Clinical education in physical therapy
  • Strategies and functional outcomes for patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions


  • D.P.T.; University of New England
  • M.P.T.; University of Vermont
  • M.S.; University of Vermont
  • B.S.; University of Vermont


  • 802-656-2682
Office Location:

310-I Rowell Hall

Courses Taught

  • PT 371 - Clinical Internship 2
  • PT 372, 374 - Clinical Internship 3
  • PT 340 - Patient Management: Fundamental Skills
  • PT 207 - Professional Seminar
  • PT 375 - Clinical Internship 4
  • PT 344 - Patient Management – Musculoskeletal 1
  • PT 370 - Clinical Internship 1