Associate Professor

Dr. Failla’s primary area of expertise is improving outcomes after sports and orthopedic related injuries.  Specifically, his research has evaluated the effects of rehabilitation strategies on athletes after anterior cruciate ligament injury and reconstruction.  Dr. Failla has additional interests in prevention of sports injuries, rehabilitation after orthopedic procedures, and sports-related shoulder injuries.  Besides his Ph.D. training in biomechanics and movement science, Dr. Failla is an experienced residency trained clinician and a board certified specialist in sports physical therapy.


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  • Failla MJ, Logerstedt DS, Grindem H, et al.  Does Extended Pre-Operative Rehabilitation Influence Outcomes 2 Years after ACL Reconstruction?  A Comparative Effectiveness Study between MOON and Delaware-Oslo ACL Cohorts.  Am J Sports Med.  July 14, 2016; published online before print July 14, 2016, doi:10.1177/0363546516652594
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Mathew Failla

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Sports medicine, knee injury prevention and treatment, shoulder injury prevention and treatment


  • Ph.D., Biomechanics and Movement Science; University of Delaware
  • M.S., Physical Therapy; University of Hartford
  • B.S., Health Science; University of Hartford


Courses Taught

  • PT 320 - Understanding Evidence in PT Practice
  • PT 328 - Independent Research Project
  • PT 344 - Patient Management:  Musculoskeletal 1