Fellow, Gund Institute for Environment; Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Larner College of Medicine; Research Affiliate and Lecturer, Rubenstein School of Natural Resources

As an environmental health social scientist, Dr. Vatovec's main research focus is on investigating the social governance of interconnections between human health and the environment including: 1) investigating the environmental and human health consequences of medical practices, and 2) examining the human health benefits of contact with nature. Within her first area of interest, Dr. Vatovec has developed cross-disciplinary collaborations to research points of intervention for reducing the impacts of pharmaceutical pollution in Lake Champlain. Within her second area of interest, she has developed partnerships to identify opportunities to enhance adherence to physical activity using natural settings.


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Associations and Affiliations

  • University of Vermont Cancer Center
  • Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute
Christine Vatovec

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Environmental health, climate change and human health, unintended consequences of medical care on the environment, human health benefits of nature contact, planetary health


  • Ph.D., Environment and Resources; University of Wisconsin
  • M.S., Conservation Biology; University of Minnesota
  • B.S., Natural Resources; Cornell University


Office Location:

303 Aiken Center

  1. Christine Vatovec

Courses Taught

  • ENVS/HLTH/NR 107 - Human Health and the Environment
  • HCOL - Climate Change and Human Health