The I-Team is working diligently to ensure access to services and supports is still available to all students and families. This is a compilation of resources that can be used during this time of distance-based education and support.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

School-Based Services

  • School closure toolkit (PDF): Printable visual supports for home programming, including Sensory needs, Life Skills, Academics, Movement, and Leisure
  • School-based perspectives for physical therapists during COVID-19: Offers guidelines/considerations for the use of synchronous, direct service PT via Telehealth. Resources are relevant for all disciplines. Includes valuable templates for initiating and maintaining services, as well as a focused set of links on education and therapies for exceptional children during COVID-19. Requires Google account login.
  • Free Resources for OT, PT & Speech Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: This collection of mostly-ad-free, cost free resources includes sections on Home Activities, COVID-19 Guidance and Resources, and Telehealth Resources from AOTA, APTA, ASHA, Medicad, etc. SeekFreaks is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based resources.

Structuring a Telehealth Session

I-Team Early Intervention Project has created a resource bundle for providers who are looking for support on how to structure telehealth sessions, particularly for learners who cannot attend to – or would not benefit from -- a direct teaching model. It is EI focused, but much of the content should be relevant across age ranges.

The packet includes:

  • EI Routines-Based Information Gathering Phone Interview/School Routines-Based Information Gathering Phone Interview – guides questions you can ask to understand the environment and daily rhythms of your client/student at home prior to first telehealth session.
  • Telehealth Materials Checklist -  A spreadsheet of toys, structures and household items a family can use during telehealth sessions. Can be sent before the first session, used in an informational conversation when starting telehealth, or a support to generate your own activity ideas.
  • “Welcome to Telehealth…” Email Template – Explains the basics of what families need, and how they should be prepared to participate, during a telehealth session. Can be modified to fit your needs.
  • Structuring Telehealth Sessions for Early Intervention – Guides you through the Before, During, and After of an EI/Early Childhood session using the Coaching Model. Includes scripts that may support you in asking questions and guiding your work.
  • Telepractice Self-Evaluation – A guide for reflection after completing a telehealth session.

Agency of Education

COVID-19 Guidance for Vermont Schools - Current guidance from Vermont Agency of Education on response and expectations in the time of COVID-19.


Supporting Play

These documents were created by Kati Ringer, Personnel Development Coordinator for Children's Integrated Servoces Early Intervention, Vermont. They inlcude a variety of open-ended play activities and household play materials.

Assistive Technology

  • Executive Functioning App Matrix is a Google site that includes a variety of apps, extensions, and printables explicitly designed to support functional participation. These materials are grouped by function.