All CDCI Projects, active and completed

This is a full list of the projects, past and present, at the UVM Center on Disability & Community Inclusion.  This list is organized alphabetically. If a project has been completed, and the information archived, the project will be marked "[completed]". Otherwise, the project is still active, and the listing includes the name of the project coordinator. You can find more information about each project at the link in each title.

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What does "project completed" mean?

Many of our projects receive funding for a specific amount of time. After that period is over, either we will transfer the project to another organization, or we will maintain a webpage for the project that only has historical information.

We consider those projects to be "completed". Their websites will say "project completed" and have a banner at the top of the page that says "project completed".

Completed CDCI projects:

If you have questions on any of our completed projects, please contact us using this form.

You can also find out more about how our academic and research programs fit together with our service-oriented projects on our org chart.