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Our Role

Supporting research and evaluation related to persons with developmental disabilities, other disabilities, and their families is one of the core functions of CDCI. Our center supports this research and evaluation through:

  • Applied research and collaborative inquiry of CDCI personnel
  • Funded work of our CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researchers, and
  • Research and evaluation assistance provided to CDCI personnel and our affiliates.

Simply put, we evaluate projects, conduct research, and support others who do so to improve lives.

Jean S. Garvin Fellowship

Available for Vermont educators, this fellowship is designed to encourage the development and dissemination of knowledge that contributes to the education of Vermont's children and youth with disabilities by financially supporting related research activities (new or existing). See the Jean S. Gavin Research Fellowship for more information.

Research Into Practice Briefs: A Look at What We've Learned

CDCI Research into Practice logo

CDCI presents a series in which authors describe recently published studies and reports in the field of developmental disabilities. Our goal is to explain what the publication was about and how it impacts our field and community, using a format that is accessible to a greater number of people. Visit our Research into Practice page to read and print summaries.

Directory of UVM Developmental Disabilities Researchers

The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion is proud to host a directory of researchers at UVM whose scope of work includes developmental disabilities. Members of our DD Researchers Network are not limited to the faculty within our department nor the College of Education and Social Services, but span across the university. The goal of our network is to connect researchers across campus and fields of study, promoting collaboration and encouraging new opportunities.

If you would like to be added to this directory or know other UVM faculty who are engaged in research pertaining to children, youth, or adults with developmental disabilities, please email Valerie Wood, Research and Evaluation Coordinator.

View a current list of researchers, their research focus, and contact information: Directory of UVM Developmental Disabilities Researchers Network (Google Document)

CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher

A CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher is: (a) a UVM faculty member in any department; (b) who is currently involved in or is pursuing research pertaining to individuals with disabilities across the lifespan, their families, or service providers that is consistent with the mission and purpose of the CDCI; and (c) voluntarily establishes a non-salaried relationship with CDCI to explore individually determined and mutually beneficial research related activities.