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We conduct research and provide evaluation services to connect the dots between best practices for disability advocacy and the real world.

We share research as narrated videos, plain-text .pdfs, and illustrated guides.

We share research in plain language. Research that we conduct, as well as research done by other institutions that we think makes a difference. 

Recent Research

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    CDCI Research at AUCD 2022

    Adrienne Miao: An Asian woman with straight black shoulder-length hair parted in the middle, wearing a vibrant blue sweater. She is standing in front of a bush and smiling.

    Adrienne Miao

    Jesse Suter: a bald pink-skinned man in his early forties, grinning broadly in an open-collared suit.

    Jesse C. Suter

    Justin MH Salisbury: a mixed race man with pale features, in his early thirties, wearing wire-framed glasses and a flat cap, smiles confidently at the camera, holding a white cane against his shoulder.

    Justin M.H. Salisbury

    Monday, November 14, CDCI researchers will be presenting two separate posters at the AUCD National Conference in Washington D.C. 

    • Jesse C. Suter and Justin M.H. Salisbury will be digging into their data around Vermont attitudes towards disability as shown in The Vermonter Poll
    • Adrienne Miao will be presenting: Show Me the Disability Data!  She's asking how we can use better questions to collect more accurate data on disabilities.

    We hope to see you there.


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Text: CDCI Research

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