CDCI Community Advisory Council logo: a group of figures shown shoulders up, face the viewer, with a large speech bubble overhead in which sits the CDCI logo

Pre-Meeting Tasks for Council Members and CDCI Staff

CDCI will send out an agenda and materials at least two weeks before every CAC Meeting. Before meetings, CAC members can:

  1. Review the minutes from the last meeting.

  2. Read the new agenda.

  3. Decide if you want to meet with someone from CDCI to review the agenda or materials together.

  4. Look at any other items CDCI has sent with the agenda.

  5. Write down any questions or comments you have about the minutes, agenda, or materials. CDCI will try to ask for specific feedback, but we welcome any other comments or questions you have! If we can't discuss something in the meeting, we will find a time to share it.