Preregistration for courses in the upcoming semester occurs during mid-November and early April.

Every semester, after the new schedule is posted, you should:

  1. Select which courses you think you want to take
  2. Create/update a curriculum plan for your program that shows when you tentatively plan to fulfill all of your requirements through graduation
  3. Bring these to your advising session

Your advisor will block out a two hour group advising session during the two weeks prior to preregistration. If you don’t know who your CS faculty advisor is, please look it up on myUVM. We will notify students by email to announce group advising times each semester.

Please attend the group advising time/place for your advisor to have him/her look over your proposed courses and ensure that you are on track to complete your graduation requirements in a timely fashion. You may arrive at any time during this block and you do not need to attend the entire session.

If you have an unavoidable conflict or need more intensive or personal one-on-one advising, please contact your advisor to schedule an appointment.

First and second year students MUST see their advisors to get their advising holds removed, or they will not be allowed to register for courses.

Summary of what to bring to your advising session:

  1. Your updated graduation checklist with completed courses checked off
  2. Your updated working curriculum plan sketched out through graduation
  3. A laptop if you have one
  4. A list of courses you are considering taking in the next semester; consider backup courses if you can’t get everything you want
  5. If you’re a junior or a senior, run your degree audit and note any deficiencies

Use the Course Prerequisite Chart to ensure you don't try to take your technical courses before you have the prereqs.