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CS is a vibrant subject with academic depth, enormous growth, and universal economic impact. Computers are now ubiquitous in society and influence the way we learn, the way we do science and business, and the way we interact with understand our world. Whether your passion is to help fight global warming, uncover the secrets of the human genome, evolve intelligent robots, bring history to life through mobile apps, prevent terrorism, study human social phenomena, understand financial markets, create digital art, improve healthcare, find useful patterns in Big Data, or invent the technologies of the future, computing is central to these and virtually all modern endeavors. Because of this, computing-related careers are among the most versatile, creative, satisfying, lucrative, and in-demand. The demand for computer scientists continues to grow at an incredible pace and shows no sign of slowing down.

This program provides a computer science major in the context of a liberal arts education. Students are required to complete a minor as well as take courses in humanities, social sciences, fine arts, literature, and foreign language.

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