Complex system professor with student

Complex Systems is a growing area of expertise and reputation at The University of Vermont. Since the creation of The Vermont Complex Systems Center in 2006, the University has developed a Certificate of Graduate Study in Complex Systems (2008), a Master of Science in Complex Systems and Data Science (2015) and a PhD in Complex Systems and Data Science (CSDS).

The pan-disciplinary Ph.D. in Complex Systems and Data Science is housed in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, providing strong computational and theoretical training, but varying with each student's chosen area of focus. Students work within research groups across campus. With core courses such as Data Science, Principles of Complex Systems and Modeling Complex Systems and electives such as Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Human Computer Interaction and Data Mining, students receive core training in empirical, computational and theoretical methods for describing and understanding complex systems and predicting, controlling, managing and creating such systems. Upon graduation, it is expected that graduates from the Ph.D. in Complex Systems and Data Science will be highly sought out for professional roles in data science in a myriad of areas, including but not limited to, government, the military, journalism, professional sports, and corporations.  For more information, check out the UVM Complex Systems Center website.