Whether your passion is to help fight global warming, uncover the secrets of the human genome, create intelligent robots, bring history alive through mobile apps, prevent terrorism, understand human social phenomena, play the stock market, create digital art, improve health care, or invent the technologies of the future, computing is central to these and most modern endeavors. Computing professionals often collaborate in teams but may also work individually; they may be entrepreneurs, telecommuters, consultants, academics, work in a small business, work in a big business, work in a national laboratory, work in government, or work internationally.

CS Fair

Annual CS Fair

The Annual 2019 CS Fair was held on Friday, December 6, 2019, in the Davis Center Grand Maple Ballroom.



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Computer Science Crew

We are a student-led community of individuals studying or interested in Computer Science at the University of Vermont.

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Society of Women in Computer Science

We are a student-led group where students can meet and support other women in Computer Science.

For more information please email: swics@uvm.edu

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