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Computer Science (CS) is a vibrant subject with academic depth, enormous growth, and universal economic impact. Computers are now ubiquitous in society and influence the way we learn, the way we do science and business, and the way we interact with and understand our world.

Edsgar Dijkstra (a renowned computer scientist, 1930-2002) is reputed to have said, “Computer Science is no more about computers, than astronomy is about telescopes.” Rather, CS is aptly defined as the science of problem-solving. CS requires a combination of logical thinking, creativity, problem decomposition, implementation, verification and validation, and teamwork. Computing careers are extremely versatile, lucrative, and in tremendous and growing demand.

Prerequisite Chart

Curriculum Checksheets

Degree Requirements are defined by the official UVM Catalogue.


4 Year Plan for Career Success

Median salary



  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst

Where alumni work

  • Google

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