Assistant Professor in Statistics

Jean-Gabriel joined UVM in August 2020 after spending two years as a James S. McDonnell Foundation Fellow at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems of the University of Michigan. He studies computational and statistical aspects of complex systems as well as data sience more broadly.


Macroscopic patterns of interacting contagions are indistinguishable from social reinforcement
L. Hébert-Dufresne, S. V. Scarpino, and J.-G. Young
Nature Physics (2020)

Networks beyond pairwise interactions: structure and dynamics
F. Battiston, G. Cencetti, I. Iacopini, V. Latora, M. Lucas, A. Patania, J.-G. Young, and G. Petri
Phys. Rep. 874 (2020)

Phase transition in the recoverability of network history
J.-G. Young, G. St-Onge, E. Laurence, C. Murphy, L. Hébert-Dufresne, and P. Desrosiers
Phys. Rev. X, 9, 041056 (2019)

Universality of the stochastic block model
J.-G. Young, G. St-Onge, P. Desrosiers, and L. J. Dubé
Phys. Rev. E, 98, 032309 (2018)

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Statistical Inference, Data Science, Complex Networks, Complex Systems


  • Ph.D., Physics - Université Laval in Québec
  • M.S., Physics - Université Laval in Québec
  • B.S., Physics - Université Laval in Québec


Office Location:

E220 Innovation Building