Faculty Fellows for Community-Engaged Learning join CELO from every School & College to create meaningful, pedagogically rich opportunities for students to contribute to communities using skills gained in their academic disciplines. (More about CELO's faculty development.)

We're happy to welcome six new participants into our 2020 Faculty Fellows cohort:

  • Eric Bishop-von Wettberg / Plant & Soil Science (CALS)
  • Abby Crocker / Mathematics & Statistics (CEMS)
  • Luben Dimov / Forestry (RSENR) 
  • Andrea Fine / Global Gateway Program 
  • Krista Jones / Animal Sciences (CALS)
  • Tiffanie Spencer / Diversity & Community Engagement (CESS)

CELO has trained over 120 faculty since 1999, making this the oldest faculty fellows program at UVM. Fellows gather throughout the semester to learn how to design courses and community experiences, and how to effectively prepare students for successful community-engagement.

Through facilitated discussions, panel presentations, readings from the field of community-engagement and from existing courses at UVM, faculty are introduced to best practices in course design and project and partnership development. 

+ December Lunch: Conceptualizing Community-Engaged Learning
+ January Workshop: Learning Outcomes Project and Partnership Development
+ February / March / April Lunches:
  Communicating CEL to Students & Partners
  Preparation & Critical Analysis for Students
  Project Management

+ May Workshop: Cumulative Assignments & Assessment; Course Design Workshop

CELO's Faculty Fellows go on to teach and support both service-learning (SL) and civic-learning (CL) courses. Service-learning courses at UVM include a significant community-engaged component that responds to community needs as defined by the community partner — and help students understand their field of study in relationship to the common good, social inequality and/or environmental sustainability.

New this year, the Fellows program is also helping faculty prepare for Civic Learning courses, which invite students into community-engaged learning pedagogy through foundational or prepatory coursework, such as introducing students to specific communities, studying local cases and conditions, developing civic awareness, and spending time in communities outside of UVM.

For more information about the Faculty Fellows for Community-Engaged Learning program, please contact Susan Munkres (susan.munkres@uvm.edu).


Thomas Wilson