Across disciplines and in every school and college, students are taking part in exciting community-engaged work, and helping build stronger communities in Vermont and beyond. Each year between 80-100 community-engaged learning courses are offered at UVM. They can be identified by the "SL" or "CL" in the course title and in the online schedule of courses. These courses create meaningful partnerships between students, community partners, and faculty to provide students with hands-on learning in real-world situations.

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Community-Engaged Learning: Highlights

  • King street class

    SWSS 055: Working with Refugees

    As the world grapples with a refugee crisis of historic proportions, it is an apt time for college students to be gaining understanding of these issues. Since 1989, more than 6,000 women, men, and children have started new lives in the Green Mountain State through the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. This course begins with a satellite view of the planet and zooms down to street view across the months of the semester.