Students in a community-engaged learning course

Community-Engaged Learning Opportunities for Students

At UVM, the high-impact practice of service-learning can take many forms, helping students find ways to get involved with many different partners, industries, and communities in Burlington and beyond. We help students connect their academic skills and interests to real-world experiences with community partners.

Come talk with us about finding the right opportunity for your interests and read on to discover how you can deepen your college experience through service-learning!


Service-Learning Courses

The best way for students to initially get involved in service-learning is to take an academic service-learning course; between 90-100 are typically offered every year. These courses are designated "SL" on the schedule of courses, meaning that they will include a community-engaged element that connects to the academic content. SL courses range from introductory-level to seminars to senior capstones, and may include:

  • direct service, interacting directly with a client population or providing needed services
  • consultancy, where — instead of volunteering — you are producing a deliverable or working on a professional-level project for your community partner
  • community-based research, collecting and/or analyzing data on behalf of a community partner.

CELO maintains a list of past and present SL courses — check out what's possible!


Service-Learning Teaching Assistant (SLTA) Program

Every semester CELO trains a cohort of Service-Learning Teaching Assistants (SLTAs) in the pedagogy and practice of service-learning. These SLTAs are placed directly in designated SL courses to help the students, faculty, and community partners develop strong, meaningful partnerships that benefit everyone involved. Becoming a Service-Learning TA is a great way to gain professional experience, work directly with faculty and students, and make a difference in your community.

Learn more about the SLTA program and find out how to apply!


Service-Learning Internships

To work more closely with a community partner or local employer, students can complete a Service-Learning Internship for academic credit. Contact Tom Wilson ( in the CELO Office to learn more.


Community-Engaged Research

Work with your professors and/or community partners to develop proposals for undergraduate research scholarships, which provide funding for research projects in collaboration with community partners.


International Service-Learning

Service-learning doesn't just happen in Burlington; you can travel around the world and engage more deeply in the country you visit through community engagement. Some UVM service-learning courses can involve international travel. In addition, you can pursue service-learning opportunities in study abroad programs.