• 2024 CELO Awards winners & CELO staff

    2024 CELO Awards &
    Community-Engaged Learning Student Showcase

    Thank you for joining our annual Community-Engaged Learning Awards and first-ever student Showcase of Community-Engaged Learning on April 30th!

  • Faculty Fellows for Community-Engaged Learning

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    CELO is currently leading the 2024 Community-Engaged Learning Faculty Fellows, a cohort-based faculty development program and learning community. Fellows explore community-engaged teaching and course design, pedagogical approaches highlighting critical reflection and civic engagement, and how to prepare students to address community priorities effectively.

  • Faculty Workshop:
    Teaching Transferable Skills

    Help students identify & articulate community-engaged learning outcomes

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    Learn how to foreground transferable skills in your community-engaged course, and help students showcase their service learning experiences in resumes and professional settings, while reflecting on their experience and articulating some of the transferable skills they have gained and developed.

    Help students:

    • ◼ understand the context of their community-engaged experience as it relates to future, post-UVM opportunities and employment
    • ◼ identify — and put language to — some of the personal and professional skills they've gained from their service-learning project
    • ◼ learn how to convey those skills in future professional settings and communications (resumés, cover letters, interviews, etc.)
  • Community-Engaged Course Designation

    Courses designated as Service Learning (SL) or Civic Learning (CL) on the Schedule of Courses include everything from introductory-level projects offering initial exposure to community engagement to full-year, service-learning capstone experiences that launch students into life after UVM. 

    See the designation criteria, learn more about the process, and designate your SL/CL course.

  • Students in a service-learning course

    Community-Engaged Learning Opportunities for Students

    Whether you are interested in exploring community-engaged learning for the first time, or have completed multiple community-engaged course, there are many opportunities to continue connecting your academic skills and interests to real-world experiences with community partners. Learn more about how you can get involved!

The Community-Engaged Learning Office (CELO) is UVM's home for academic service-learning.
Our goal is to help students apply their learning on behalf of the many communities connected to UVM.


113 service- & civic-learning courses60 faculty taught SL / CL courses150+ community partners to SL / CL courses
20% of all undergraduates took at least one SL / CL course in AY2350.8% of 2023 graduating seniors took at least one SL / CL course during their UVM career24 academic departments offered SL / CL courses in AY23

Community-Engaged Courses

Each year between 80-100 community-engaged learning courses are offered at UVM. These courses (including many with few, if any, prerequisites) create meaningful partnerships among students, community partners, and faculty to provide students with hands-on learning in real-world situations while addressing community priorities. 


Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows for Community-Engaged Learning program offers a cohort of faculty & staff from a range of disciplines the opportunity to explore community-engaged teaching. Throughout, faculty have opportunities to plan and workshop their own course ideas with peers and mentors.


Community Partners

Community-engaged learning courses can offer technical, logistical, analytical, educational, design, or clinical support to community partners. CELO works with community partners to create reciprocal learning opportunities that address their needs and priorities. 


Service Learning TAs

SLTAs assist faculty with the community-engaged component of a course, and help students connect their service or community-engaged work to the learning goals of the course. SLTAs might coordinate community partners, facilitate discussion and critical reflection, or assist with project management.



CELO offers workshops for faculty (whether experienced in or new to community-engaged teaching), as well as for departments and other academic units. We also offer visits and in-course workshops for students once a course is established, on topics such as critical reflection and transferable skills. 



CELO offers resources such as sample syllabi, partnership agreements, critical reflections tools, and other supports to help faculty build reciprocal community partnerships and implement their community-engaged courses more effectively. We also maintain a comprehensive Resource Library in our office, Harris-Millis 109.



Every year, CELO recognizes outstanding faculty, students, and community partners for their work in creating meaningful and community-engaged learning opportunities for students that benefit communities in Vermont and beyond.