"I want to thank you and your students for the very helpful research provided in the report on smoking restrictions and psychiatric patients. It focused very precisely on my topic of concern, and documents significant new information and resources. I am very appreciative of the students’ work and of your program in making this possible."
            -Representative Anne Donahue

"I've received the report on financial literacy education that I requested - thank you very muchYour students with your supervision do a wonderful job. I look forward to the report about employee suggestion programs. I have already contacted the state employees union on this topic and they are very interested."
            -Representative John Zenie

"Please pass along my thanks to your students, Derek Stuart, Ben Khan and Kensington Moore for their work on researching the effect of ballot order on election outcomes. I was impressed by the professionalism of the work product and expect that it will be a significant help as we consider whether we need to make legislative changes."
         -Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz

"I just wanted to let you know that I distributed copies of the UVM GPS report to all of the members of the Institutions Committee. We're reading it!"
          -Representative Jason Lorber

"After the UVM report was distributed, we were successful in passing legislation that resulting in successful implementation of GPS technology in the Vermont Correctional System, saving dollars and arguably making society safer.  This month, we'll be taking up legislation that will expand the use of GPS and other electronic monitoring equipment.  Thank you again to The Vermont Legislative Research Shop at UVM."
           -Representative Jason Lorber

"I just read your report, and found it very helpful. Many thanks to you and your students for doing this research! As I begin working on developing draft legislation, I will be sure to let you know if I have any follow-up questions. Thanks again for a job well done."
           -Representative Lucy Leriche

"I want to thank you and your students for the various research projects in the recent legislative session. The information was particularly helpful in the passage of a bill allowing for the establishment of needle exchange programs and in the creation of a committee to study whether Vermont could benefit from methadone maintenance programs as an alternative treatment to heroin addiction. Your students provided good solid objective data which was very helpful in the legislative decision making process."
           -Senator (former) Jim Leddy

"I've had the chance now to review this report in detail. This is very, very helpful, with comparisons and information that is beyond what I thought might have been practices in other states, and gives fresh perspectives on options we should be considering in Vermont. Please pass my appreciation on to the students who worked on this."
            -Representative Anne Donahue