music trio

Music majors enrolled in MUL 2500 are required to perform on at least two Student Performance Recitals before they are eligible for an  Intermediate Performance Assessment. Two additional SPRs are required of MUL 4500 students prior to the  Recital Audition. Music minors and non-majors/non-minors may sign up subject to availability.

Please sign up by completing a SPR application and returning it to the office by November 1st (fall) or April 1st (spring). Slots are first-come, first served. Select your recital date in consultation with your teacher.

You should play between 1 and 3 pieces totaling no more than 7 minutes of total performance time. You must be the featured soloist on your performance (not simply part of a combo or other accompanist) for the performance. For more requirement information, please see the SPR application (PDF).

Questions? E-mail, call 802-656-2295, visit the office, or speak to your teacher or area head.


Q: Am I required to play with accompaniment? How do I find an accompanist?

A: Any piece written with accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment. The student is responsible for seeking out an accompanist (or sometimes multiple ensemble members, for jazz), which is then approved by the Area Head when they sign the form.

For accompaniment by a full-time faculty member, send a formal request in writing and give them your sheet music promptly. For part-time faculty or professional accompanists outside the department, we can pay up to a certain amount in order to cover rehearsal and performance hours logged. We have a list of recommended accompanists. Please see the Department Office for details.