Paolo Cannizzaro, UVM jazz guitar senior recital

The “tune test” is taken in the semester preceding the Senior Recital, during the end-of-semester area jury. (This is an added component—it does not replace the usual end-of-semester jury.) See the UVM List of Required Jazz Tunes (PDF).

Rhythm section players - The student creates a list with the private teacher that includes at least 20 tunes; faculty choose one piece from this list and the student plays that piece from memory (performing the melody, taking a solo, and comping).

All other musicians - Faculty pick three tunes from the appropriate lists and the auditionee must perform one of those three.

The student will play the melody and improvise a chorus from memory while keeping the form and chord changes. Rhythm section players must also play a chorus of comping or bass accompaniment (e.g., walking or appropriate style). Vocalists must know the lyrics from memory.

Please contact jazz faculty Alexander Stewart, Ray Vega, or Patricia Julien with any questions.