Intern at one of hundreds of organizations while earning academic credit!

TWC capitalizes on D.C. as a diverse and up-and-coming city center with ties to many industries--i.e. there are more than political internships available! Through TWC, you will become equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive in the workplace no matter what industry you end up in.

Interested in The Washington Center? Fill out the interest form at, reach out to TWC directly, or email the CAS Internship Team

Application deadlines for Fall 2024: 

Early Deadline: March 27 
Regular Deadline: April 24

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Program Components

The Internship

TWC partners with hundreds of internships  in D.C. (and around the country) and works with you one-on-one to select the internship that’s right for you. Once you begin your internship, you’ll be working on projects related to your interests with a supervisor who cares about your growth and success. You'll intern for 4 full days per week and get 9 UVM credits (more info in the "Credit Information" section below).

Sample Internship Sites

The Evening Course

While at TWC, you'll enroll in one of their academic courses. Each is taught by an industry expert or faculty member from a local college. These courses are designed to help you step back from your daily work and reflect through an academic lens on broader aspects of your experience. They are grounded in traditional disciplines, yet are taught within the context of the wide array of resources available in Washington, D.C. You'll meet with your class 1 night per week and get 3 UVM credits (more info in the "Credit Information" section below).

Evening Course Guide

Career Exploration

TWC's career readiness programming is a mix of professional development workshops, one-on-one career advising, events, and networking opportunities designed to complement what you'll learn at your internship. It helps you step back from your work week and reflect on what you want, what you’re good at and what you want to learn more of as you pursue a career. At the end of the semester, you’ll leave with a better understanding of yourself, what you love and what your strengths are, a powerful network that can help you achieve your career goals and an online portfolio to showcase your work for future employers. You'll get 3 UVM credits for this work (more info in the "Credit Information" section below).

Career Readiness Info


How does it work for UVM students?

The Washington Center is a UVM partner, meaning that UVM students will earn UVM credit for the program, and the advertised program fee will be covered by UVM tuition. It also means that you will remain enrolled at UVM while you complete your semester in D.C.!

Credit Information - Fall/Spring:

UVM students accepted into The Washington Center Internship Program for Fall or Spring semester will enroll in 15 credits at UVM. The 15 credits will be broken up into three course numbers: 

  • 9-credit internship course under CAS 2991 (aligns with your internship hours and reflection work)
  • 3-credit seminar course under CAS 1900 (aligns with TWC's Career Prep and professional development activities)
  • 3-credit seminar course under CAS 2900 (aligns with the evening seminar you take at TWC)

The 9-credit internship course will count as elective credit toward your total number of credits needed for graduation. CAS allows 12 tallies of internship credit toward your total hours, so you are able to do another internship in your time at UVM should you choose, between 1-3 credits, and have those count towards your total. Grades will be sent back to UVM at the end of your semester in D.C. and be entered into the UVM grading system. This course is graded and will count toward your GPA.

Both 3-credit academic courses will count as elective credit. However, you may request permission from your department Chairperson to count the TWC evening seminar toward your major or minor if it aligns with the academic subject matter. At the end of your semester in D.C. grades will be sent back to UVM and will be entered into the grading system. These courses are graded and will count toward your GPA. 

Financial Information

TWC Application Fee: Use code TWC60 to apply for free!

UVM Tuition: Since you will be enrolled in UVM credit, you will pay your normal tuition amount to UVM. All of your grants and scholarships will apply as normal--as if you were remaning at UVM and taking regular classes. 

Note: If you decide to do TWC in the summer, you will still need to pay UVM for all 12 credits you receive at the summer tuition rates. Summer financial aid is available, but keep in mind that you may not know details about your financial aid award before you need to commit to the Washington Center.

TWC Program Fee: You will NOT pay the TWC program fee. UVM covers this on your behalf.

TWC Housing Fee: If you are living in TWC's Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) in Washington, D.C., you will pay for housing directly to The Washington Center. Current rates can be found on their website.

Food & Living Expenses: There is no meal plan associated with this program, so you will need to grocery shop and cook in your apartment with your fellow students. Check out The Washington Center's guide to budgeting in D.C. for an estimation of costs and general advice.

Please contact Kelly Smith with any logistical questions.


When is the best time to do The Washington Center?

While TWC accepts students from sophomore year and up, you can decide when you want to participate! Some students take advantage of sophomore year before studying abroad and completing major seminars, and some wait until second semester senior year and use the semester to launch their post-graduation career. Talk to your advisor about how this program can fit into your 4-year plan!


About the Application 

The application process is handled directly by The Washington Center. You'll see on the application that you need to select your "campus liaison"--please choose Sophia Trigg (CAS's Experiential Learning Director). Sophia will approve your application after checking your eligibility.

Make sure to use code TWC60 to apply for free!

The application contains 5 components: 

  • One-page resume (PDF)
  • Statement of Professional Interest (~100 words): This should broadly describe your internship interests, future goals, skills you hope to gain and ways that you could contribute to your internship site. Please keep it broad and don't mention any specific internship site names in the statement so it can be used for all of your applications during the internship match process.
  • Issues Essay or Writing Sample: Either write an original essay on a key issue that is relevant to your field, or submit a writing sample from a previous course or experience. 
  • Official Transcript: This can be requested in MyUVM in the Registrar Tab. Please send the transcript to your own email address and then attach the PDF you receive directly to your TWC application. 

For more details, please consult The Washington Center's Application Resources page or sign up here to connect with TWC admissions directly.


Eligibility Requirements

UVM students must meet the following requirements in order to participate in The Washington Center:

  • At least Sophomore standing during the semester you intend to participate. (In some rare cases we will consider a student with first year standing who is in their 2nd year at UVM).
  • GPA above 2.0
  • International students who hold F-1 or J-1 status must seek permission from the Office of International Education in order to participate.



What to do after you get accepted to the program:

Check out our pre-departure checklist and follow all instructions from TWC and soon you will be ready to go!

Curious about what happens after you recieve your acceptance email? What to Expect After Acceptance.