HSOC Courses Offered Fall 2018

ANTH 89 Global Health, Development, Diversity (Required) 01:10-02:00 M W F
ANTH 95 TAP: Bio Anth of Human Nature (Elective) 10:05-11:20 T R, First year students only
ANTH 195 People, Poison, Place (Elective) 10:05-11:20 T R
CDAE 002 World, Food, Population, Devlpmnt. (Elective) 01:15-02:30 T R
CDAE 250 Applied Research Methods (Core)  10:50-11:40 M W F plus lab
CSD 274 Culture of Disability (Core) online
EDHE 146 Personal Health  (Core) 04:05-07:05 M
EDSP 005 Issues Affect. Persons w/ Disabilities (Elective) 01:15-02:30 T R
ENVS 107/HLTH 107/NR 107 Human Health & Environment (Core) 04:05-07:05 M
ENVS 181 Environmental Justice (Core) 02:50-04:05 T R 
ENVS 195 Plant Based Healing Medicine (Elective) 01:15-04:15 R
ENVS 295 Human Ecology & Health in Arctic (Core) 16:25-17:40 T R 
HLTH 060/GSWS 95 LGBTQ Health Disparities (Elective) Online
HLTH 101 Intro to Integrative Health (Elective) 02:50-04:05 T R
HLTH 102 Science & Evidence in CAM (Elective) 04:35-07:35 T
HLTH 105 Cultural Health Care (Core) Online
HLTH 140/GSWS 195 Issues in Women’s Health (Elective) 05:05-08:05 M 
HLTH 150/HSCI 102 Epidemics – Dynamics of Infectious Diseases (Core) Online
HLTH 155 Racism & Health Disparities (Core) Online
HSCI 21 Intro to Public Health (Required) Online
HSCI 130 Heath Promotion (Elective) Online
HSCI 160 Health Communications (Elective) Online
HSCI 290 Internship (Elective) TBA
NFS 043 Fundamentals of Nutrition (Elective) 04:25-05:40 T R
NFS 143 Nutrition in the Lifecycle (Elective) 01:10-02:00 M W F
NFS 260 Diet and Disease (Elective) 17:05-20:05 W 
NH 120 Health Care Ethics (Elective) 02:50-04:05 T R
PSYS 001 Introduction to Psychology (Elective) various
PSYS 95 TAP: Meanings of Madness (Elective) 14:50-16:05 T R, First year students only
PSYS 170 Abnormal Psychology (Elective) 02:50-04:05 T R
PSYS 279 Health Psychology (Core) 11:40-12:55 T R 
REL 95 TAP: Religion, Health & Healing (Elective) 15:30-16:45 M W,  First year students only
SOC 20/HDFS 20 Aging: Change and Adaptation (Elective) 02:20  03:10  M W F
SOC 100 Fundamentals of Social Research (Core) 01:15-03:15   T R
SOC 195 Population Health Research (Elective) 09:40-10:30  M W F
SOC 220 Internship in Gerontology (Elective) TBA
SOC 223/GSWS 250 Sociology of Reproduction (Core) 12:00-12:50  M W F 
SOC 274 Qualitative Research Methods (Core) 02:20-03:35 M W 
STAT 111 Elements of Statistics (Core) various
STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods (Core) various
STAT 200 Medical Biostatistics/Epidemiology (Core) 04:05-07:05 W