This semester she worked as an intern for the Women’s Center with supervisor Sarah Mell, the Center’s education and outreach coordinator. She was given the opportunity to create and present workshops on sexual harassment and gender identity to international students at UVM.

“I like the approach that Sarah takes in violence prevention workshops—instead of lecturing about do’s and don’ts she describes what healthy, positive relationships and sexual experiences look like.”

In a fall internship at Burlington’s Howard Center she shadowed professional behavioral interventionists and their clients, mostly children aged 6-17, creating fun group activities to help children learn appropriate peer interactions.

And as an investigation intern for VTPrivateye, a Burlington firm that helps public defenders build cases for indigent clients, Johnson got an inside look at the local criminal justice system. She came face to face with clients who were often victims of violent crimes themselves. She supported the work of a criminal defense investigator by conducting interviews with clients and witnesses.

On campus Johnson built the reputation as a skilled educator. She was a presenter for a recent conference on dismantling rape culture and was selected as a speaker for the Center’s annual banquet. At the end of the semester she will receive a GSWS department award.

“I’d like to go into education and advocacy,” Johnson says, when considering career goals. “The GSWS major and program has honed my public speaking skills. Because I’ve built up so many connections in Burlington, I’d like to stay in town and start my career here.”