Students in our department spend a semester as interns with a local agency whose work has bearing on personal experiences. You'll work with a faculty advisor to develop the connections between real-world experience and theoretical study of women and gender. 

Independent Study

Working with a GSWS affiliated faculty sponsor, you can choose topics of study that deepen your knowledge of your particular interests and career goals. You'll also have an opportunity to develop a senior honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Recent examples of theses include:

  • Sarah Elizabeth Barrett, Seeking Asylum Across the International Boundary: Legal Terms and Geopolitical Conditions of Irregular Border Crossing and Asylum Seeking Between the United States and Canada, 2016-2018. Advisor: Pablo Bose, PhD
  • Somer Marie Brown, Iranian Literature and Its Impact on Western Feminist Perceptions. Advisor:  Huck Gutman, Ph.D.
  • Elizabeth J. Chesley, Female Auteurs and Their Perceptions of Gender, Sexuality, and National Identity. Advisor:  Hilary Neroni, Ph.D.
  • Matthew John Ganci, Creating Community: The Cultural Experiences of Gay Men in Hartford, Connecticut and Burlington, Vermont from 1969-1981. Advisor: Paul Deslandes, Ph.D.
  • Erica Rose Gilgore, Interstices of Power:  Considerations of Women’s Health and Agency through Creative Nonfiction. Advisor: Pablo Bose, Ph.D.
  • Devin Carl Kane, De Jure School Segregation as the Result of Racist Housing Policies Advisor: Jane Knodell, PhD.

The Daniel-McCarter Award

Students pursuing coursework on LGBTQA issues can submit their work for the Daniel-McCarter Award, offered each year for outstanding undergraduate essays, art, film, creative writing, and other projects at UVM. The deadline will be in March each year, and the winner will be announced at the LGBTQA Rainbow Graduation in May. This award is generously co-sponsored by the UVM Bookstore.