Honoring Excellence

Each year students in the department are recognized for outstanding efforts. The Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Outstanding Senior Award honors a GSWS major who embodies a combination of theory and activism. The Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award honors a GSWS major for academic excellence in Women's and Gender Studies. Ellen Hamilton and Lida Mason were the first female students at UVM. The University of Vermont was the first university to admit women into Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

Recent Honorees:

Outstanding Senior Award

2023: Olivia Norvell
2022: Ali Castile
2021: Alex Escaja-Heiss

Ellen Hamilton Lida Mason Award

2023: Emily Britton
2022: Steph Ryder and Sabrina Fiore 
2021: Zoe Shepard, Carmen Harris

Past Award Winners


The Alpha Delta Chapter of Iota Iota Iota (Triota), The National Women's Studies Honor Society

Triota is named for the ancient goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, and Iris, the University of Vermont chapter is Alpha Delta. Chapters of Triota have been established at universities across the United States. The purpose of the society is to promote an interest in women's studies, research of social problems affecting all women, and other social and intellectual activities that will lead to the improvement in the condition of all people. Membership is awarded on the basis of superior academic performance both in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and in the candidate's entire undergraduate work at the University of Vermont.

Students Inducted in 2022/2023

Caroline Adams
Chloe Alexander
Olivia Allegra
Eden Ambrovich
March Amog
Hannah Assel
Nolan Benoit
Roxy Benson
Katie Brighton
Julia Buonomo
Julia Celeste
Charlotte Chugh
Laura Clifford
Ember Conley
Anessa Conner
Kathryn Cox
Kaya Daylor
Grace Devlin
Emma Dinsmore
Isabella Dunn
Zoe Ebner
Lana Edwards
Cat Faries
Peri Ferdinand
Whitney Fitzgerald
Abbey Gentile
Sophie Gilman
Emily Goodall
Adeline Haacker
Gus Heintz
Ana Hester
Maggie Hodgson
Riley Hudson
Isabel Jamieson
Lily Jensen
Delaney Luzny
Lily Macaulay
Clara Macfaden
Jamie Marchetti
Oscar Mcintosh
Aidan Mckessy
Anna Mendenhall
Kat Monnes
Freddie Morway
Jordan Newquist
Riley O'Hagan
Sydney Partin
Maya Pound
caiden Rainville
Sydney Reiner
Sylvie Rouslin
Avery Rubin
Mary Russo
Gil Salzman
Brooke Schimelman
Natalie Senior
Maizy Shepard
Sarah Solomon
Becca Sperry
Corinthia Steele
Benna Trachtenberg
Carly Trider
Alli Tuden
Rebecca Vanden Bergh
Mirabella Vulikh
Peter J. Wilkins
Haley P. Wilson
Joslynn L. Wright
Willa Yonkman
Zane N. Zupan

Students Inducted in 2021:

Abaigail Hurd
Ada Case
Alex Escaja-Heiss
Ali Tuden
Ann Wong
Ashley Shepard
Bryn Martin
Cate Ward
Ciara Mead
Cole Urquiola
Eliza Shaughnessy
Emily Britton
Emily Neuman
Emma Bearison
Emma Hayday
Emma Staff
Erin Harris
Haley Rosen
Izzy Brady
Jada Rosemark
Jane Burton
Josie Rimmer
Julian Barritt
Kala Daylor
Katie Brighton
Kayla Duvel
Kayley Dillon
Lane Dibler
Leah Endler
Lexi Sutyak
Lucie Novelline
Madeline Spear
Madi Chase
Matthew Hagberg
Mia Vaccaro
Morgan Gregory-Sample
Olivia  Voth
Raven Mellinger
Ryn  Renzetti Stanfield
Sabrina Fiore
Sierra Miller
Sophie Behunick
Sophie Majerske
Steph Ryder
Valorie Vanarsdall
Zoe Sheppard


No Students were Inducted in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic.


Students Inducted in 2019:

Ali Barritt
Sade Bolger
Kayley  Dillon
Justine Gerace
Carmen  Harris
Anna  Moore
Lauren  Schnepf
Zoe  Sheppard
Emma  Spitzer
Emma Staff
Juls  Sundberg
Alli  Tuden
Olivia  Turner
Mickenzie  Zadworny



Past Inductees


The Daniel-McCarter Award

UVM's first prize for outstanding undergraduate coursework in LGBT studies was created in spring 2004 and first awarded in 2005. Named for Owen Daniel-McCarter '04 in recognition of his dedication to LGBT concerns at UVM, this award honors outstanding scholarly and creative coursework on LGBT/queer topics by undergraduates. Its goal is to acknowledge the importance of sexuality and gender identity issues in students' academic and intellectual lives. This award is generously cosponsored by the UVM Bookstore.

Daniel-McCarter Awardees


Joia Putnoy -- "Relocate the Party," written for Val Rohy’s  Sexual Dissidence and American Culture class, ENGS 281

Michael Tobin -- "Chester Way’s Same-Sex Intimacies," written for Paul Deslandes’ Queer Lives: LGBT History class, HST 280



Maggie Archbold, Bri Bloom, Caleigh Campbell, Leah Endler,& Jay Gershman --“Coming In: A Love Letter to Myself,” created for Johann Wood’s Experiments in Drag, Jazz, and Beatnik Drama class, Theater 96.



Bella Firman, Stephanie Ryder -- “Recognition and Legibility: Outside the Binary in the World of Medicine” written for Eve Alexandra's Introduction to Creative Writing class, ENGS 53. 

Olivia Baker -- “Please Write Back” written for Eve Alexandra's Introduction to Creative Writing class, ENGS 53.


Past Winners