Deborah Blom—Archaeology and biological anthropology

Jennifer Dickinson—Areas of cultural and linguistic anthropology, including storytelling, conversational pragmatics, language    ideologies, the anthropology of Eastern Europe, and the anthropology of work

Teresa Mares—Intersection of food and migration

Jeanne Shea—Gender, ethnicity, class, economic development and social change

Elizabeth Smith—Cultural anthropology, nationalism, race and ethnicity, gender

Luis Vivanco—Cultural politics of rain forest conservation and environmental activism in Latin America

Art & Art History

Anthony Grudin—Modern Art History

Bailey Howe Library

Mara Saule—Libraries, Information Technology, Latvia


Judy Van Houten—Chemoreception using Paramecium


Barbara Rodgers—Greek and Latin prose, Roman imperial history

Education & Social Sciences

Susan Kasser—Adapted Physical Activity, Movement and Physical Education


Eve Alexandra—Creative Writing, Poetry, American Literature

Emily Bernard—African-American literature & culture; race & ethnicity in American literature; 19th & 20th Century women's literature

Jean Bessette—Rhetorical theory; Composition pedagogy; Feminist rhetorics, historiographies, and pedagogies; Queer theory and studies; Digital rhetorics; Archival theory

Elizabeth Fenton—American Literature, Women's Literature

John Gennari—Italian American studies, African American studies, Jazz Cultural studies

Mary Lou Kete—18th- and 19th-century American literature and culture

Annika Ljung-Baruth—Women and literature, ecofeminism

Hilary Neroni—Women in film

Deborah Noel—American Literature, Race & Ethnicity in U.S. Literature & Culture, Women in Literature

Valerie Rohy—Queer theory, Feminist theory

Lisa Schnell—17th-century literature, Shakespeare, feminist critical theory

Helen Scott—Caribbean Literature (anglophone), Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Literature and Imperialism

Chris Vaccaro—Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies

Nancy Welch—English composition, rhetoric, creative writing


Shirley Gedeon—Eastern European economics, central banking

Jane Knodell—Economic history and monetary institutions, banking and economic development

Stephanie Seguino—Macroeconomics and development

Sara Solnick—Microeconomics, statistics, labor economics and health economics

Environmental Studies

Stephanie Kaza—Feminist ethics, ecofeminism

German & Russian

Helga Schreckenberger (Former director of Women's and Gender Studies)—German


Meghan Cope—Urban social geography, children's geographies, gender, race ethnicity North American cities

Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux—Climate, drought, Vermont, Brazil, Caribbean

Ingrid Nelson—Feminist political ecology, critical development studies, southern Africa and Mozambique, queer ecologies, forestry, agriculture, environmental justice movements

Beverly Wemple—Water resources, geomorphology, GIS, spatial modeling, human-environment interactions


Dona Brown—Vermont history, New England regional history, U.S. cultural history

Paul Deslandes—British history, the history of the British Empire, and the history of gender and sexuality

Melanie Gustafson—Women in U.S. history, politics

Felicia Kornbluh—Modern U.S. history, gender history, legal studies, history of disability

Abigail McGowan—South Asia

Human Development and Family Studies

Jackie Weinstock— adult development, diversity, oppression based on sexuality, gender, and sex

Integrated Professional Studies

Kathleen Manning—campus cultures, qualitative research methodology, and cultural pluralism


Dana Walrath—medical anthropology, maternal child health, reproduction


Rebecca Montgomery—Women's health

Political Science

Ellen Andersen—American Politics, Civil Rights

Caroline Beer—Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics

Carolyn Elliott—Women and development

Jan Feldman—Political theory and culture

Lisa M Holmes—Judicial politics and constitutional law


Sin yee Chan—Philosophy, ethics, moral psychology

Kate Nolfi—Epistemology, Metaethics, and the Philosophy of Mind

Psychological Science

Annie Murray-Close—Gender differences in children and adolescents' social development

Alessandra Rellini—Female sexual function and dysfunction


Joanna Rankin (Physics)—Astrophysics, women and science


Vicki Brennan—Women and Religion in Africa

Anne Clark—Christianity, women and religion

Romance Languages & Linguistics

Catherine Connor—Writing by and about women (early modern Spain & Spanish America)

Maeve Eberhardt—Language and ethnicity, language and place, intraspeaker variation, TESOL

Tina Escaja, GSWS Director—Spanish and Latin American poetry, gender studies

Yolanda Flores—Comparative literature of the Americas (U.S. Latino, Spanish American, Brazilian), women's literature, performance

Ignacio Lopez-Vicuna—Latin American literature and cultural studies, Queer theory

Cristina Mazzoni—Late 19th and early 20th Century Italian literature, Women Mystics, Literature and Spirituality, and Gender and Cultural Studies

Charles-Louis Morand Métivier—Medieval and Renaissance literature, history of emotions

Gayle Nunley—Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature

Julie Roberts—Linguistics and child language

Gretchen van Slyke—Women's autobiography (France and the Francophone World)


Mary Burke—Gender, sexualities, social movements, emphasis on LGBTQ social movements and queer politics

Brookes Cowan—Bereavement counseling, family, sex roles

Alice Fothergill—Family, gender, inequality, disasters and qualitative methodology

Kathryn Fox—Qualitative methods, ethnography, deviance and social control

Eleanor Miller—Classical sociological theory, feminist social and political theory, deviance, gender, qualitative research methods

Beth Mintz—Political sociology, health care

Jennifer Strickler—Women and third world development, reproductive health and family planning in the United States and Latin America


Justin Morgan Parmett—Public Speaking, Rhetorical Criticism, and Masculinity Studies

Social Work

Susan Roche—Gender violence, global feminism, feminist social work


Sarah Carleton—Acting, directing

Martin Thaler—Set and costume design