Tina Escaja

GSWS Director—Spanish and Latin American Poetry; Gender Studies; Love, Sex, and Censorship in Modern Spain; Poetry of Resistance


GSWS Core Faculty
Ellen AndersonAmerican Politics; Civil Rights; The Politics of Sex; LGBT Politics and History
Mary BurkeLGBTQ Social Movements and Queer Politics; Transgender Studies; Gender, Sexualities, and Medicine
Val RohyQueer and Feminist Theory; American Literature; Sexual Dissidence and American Culture; Queer Literature
Felicia KornbluhModern U.S. History: Gender History; Legal Studies; History of Disability
Annika Ljung-BaruthWomen in Literature; Ecofeminism; Scandinavia, Gender, and Equality
Helen Morgan-ParmettGender and Media; Feminist Media Studies
Justin Morgan-ParmettCommunicating Masculinities; Understanding Violent Masculinity; Rhetoric of Social Movements