18 credits in minor courses, including:

CORE COURSES. 6 credits.
GSWS 1500Gender Sexuality Women's Stdy3
or GSWS 1010 FYS Gender Sexuality Wn's Stdy
GSWS 2070LGBT Politics and History3
ELECTIVES. 12 credits.
Course offerings for the SGIS minor vary frequently and often include Special Topics courses. Before registration each semester, a list of eligible courses is posted as a See Also list in the Schedule of Courses (Classic Version). Many of those courses will not show up immediately in students’ degree audits. The courses listed below are always eligible and should automatically be applied in degree audits.
OPEN LEVEL. Up to 3 additional credits chosen from eligible courses, which regularly include:0-3
GSWS 3050
Internship: GSWS Core
GSWS 3991
ENGL 1270, ENGL 1280, GSWS 1020, GSWS 1990, POLS 1026, SOC 1330, SOC 1350
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL. Up to 9 additional credits chosen from eligible courses, which regularly include:0-9
GSWS 2050
Gender and Feminism(s)
GSWS 2801
Communicating Masculinities
ANTH 2205, CLAS 3540, DNCE 2510, ECON 2670, ENGL 2206, ENGL 2357, ENGL 2407, GEOG 2774, GSWS 2990, HST 2120, HST 2642, LING 2220, PHIL 2545, POLS 2455, POLS 2650, SOC 2335, SOC 2355
ADVANCED LEVEL. 3-12 additional credits chosen from eligible courses, which regularly include:3-12
ECON 3670, ECON 4670, GSWS 3990, GSWS 4990, HST 4120, POLS 3350, PSYS 3420, PSYS 3425, SOC 3300, SOC 3332, SOC 3335, SOC 3350


Ineligible Major: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Ineligible Minor: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies


Introductory and intermediate courses for various subject areas may be necessary to reach some of the courses that can be applied to the minor as electives.

Other Information

In the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), only one course may overlap between a major and a minor or between two minors.

For a Bachelor of Arts degree, no more than 45 credits in courses with the same departmental prefix may be used toward completion of the 120 credits required for graduation. For a Bachelor of Science degree, the maximum is 50 credits.

At least half of the credits used to complete minor requirements must be taken at the University of Vermont.