In their free time, Gliserman was also a research director and varsity member of UVM’s top-ranked Lawrence Debate Union. They attended regular international tournaments, including the 2016 and 2017 World Universities Debating Championships, and earned the Northeast Regional Championship title. Their passion for debate extended beyond competition, as an instructor with the SPEAK Prison Debate Initiative, where they taught public speaking and professional skills to students in correctional facilities and juvenile rehabilitation centers. “My involvement in the Lawrence Debate Union and SPEAK centered on learning how to advocate for myself and teach others how to do the same. I’m grateful for this program, because that skill has transformed my ability to forward the causes I care about.”

After graduating with honors in December 2017, Gliserman began working as a legislative associate for the Necrason Group, one of Montpelier’s leading public affairs consulting firms, and leading field organizing for Infinite Culcleasure for Burlington Mayor. Next year, they hope to transition into federal public policy work while studying for the LSAT exams in preparation for law school.

They have learned that advocating for fundamental social change isn’t always immediately rewarded, but it hasn’t dulled their determination. “The political atmosphere has significantly shifted in the four years I’ve been at UVM,” they say, “but progress isn’t always linear. I hope that I’m in position to help assemble the building blocks of lasting change in society that reflects more inclusiveness and fairness.”