At least 16 credits in minor courses, including:

Choose 1 course/3-4 credits from the following:3-4
BCOR 2100
Ecology and Evolution
BCOR 2300
BCOR 2500
Molecular & Cell Biology w/lab
or BCOR 2505
Molecular & Cell Biology
Category A Lecture Courses (recommended courses in animal biology). 2 additional courses/6-8 credits from the following:6-8
BIOL numbered 2100 to 2699
BIOL numbered 3100 to 3699
BCOR 2300, ANTH 2440, ASCI 2600, ASCI 3150, ASCI 3160, ASCI 3180, ASCI 3200, ASCI 3600, MMG 3230, WFB 2300, WFB 2310, WFB 4320, WFB 4750
Category B Lab Courses. 1 additional course/4 credits from the following:4
BIOL numbered 4100 to 4699
BCOR 2100, BCOR 2500, ANTH 3560, PSYS 3200, WFB 2410, WFB 3240, WFB 4830
1 additional course/3-4 credits from the following:3-4
BCOR 2100, BCOR 2300, BCOR 2500, BCOR 2505
BIOL numbered 2100 to 2699
BIOL numbered 3100 to 3699
BIOL numbered 4100 to 4699


Ineligible Majors: Biology (B.A.), Biological Science (B.S. in CAS or CALS), Plant Biology (B.S.), Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (B.S.), Zoology (B.A., B.S.)


Choose 1 of the following options:4-8
Option A:
BCOR 1400
BCOR 1450
Exploring Biology 1
and Exploring Biology 2
Option B:
BCOR 1425
Accelerated Biology
Option C:
BIOL 1400
BIOL 1450
Principles of Biology 1
and Principles of Biology 2

Other Information

In the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), only one course may overlap between a major and a minor or between two minors.

Courses for the minor and/or its pre/co-requisites that are cross-listed in the catalog or schedule of courses under another course prefix may be taken under that other prefix and still count for these requirements.

With the approval of the chair/director, courses that applied to the minor in previous years but have since been deactivated may be applied to this year’s minor requirements if they are reactivated.

For a Bachelor of Arts degree, no more than 45 credits in courses with the same departmental prefix may be used toward completion of the 120 credits required for graduation. For a Bachelor of Science degree, the maximum is 50 credits.

At least half of the credits used to complete minor requirements must be taken at the University of Vermont.