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Biology is a wide-open field of study; think of it as an umbrella covering a myriad of disciplines including environmental science, plant biology, evolution, health science and more. A B.A. degree in biology at UVM is flexible enough to allow you to focus on a major concentration, or to take courses in a broad variety of subfields and graduate as a generalist. 

Major requirements


Academic advisors will help you pick appropriate courses in one or more of these disciplines:

  1. Pre-Professional preparation for students wishing to pursue careers in human or veterinary medicine, dentistry, public health, or other health-related fields.
  2. Environmental biology, including ecology, animal behavior, and evolution.
  3. Cell and molecular biology, including developmental biology, biotechnology, and molecular genetics.
  4. Forensic biology to prepare for a career in field or laboratory positions, and includes several special seminars and courses.
  5. Neurobiology for students who do not wish to major in neuroscience, but still want a series of courses in that discipline.
4 Year Plan for Career Success


  • Data Scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Research Biologist
  • Physician
  • Veterinarian

Where alumni work

  • Seattle Children’s Craniofacial Center
  • NY City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Cell Signaling Technology
  • Atrium Medical Corporation of Hudson, NH
  • Harvard Medical School

Graduate Schools

  • NYU Dental School
  • Princeton University
  • UVM Medical School
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

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