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All of the majors offered by the biology department prepare students for entry into the finest schools of veterinary medicine. Each major provides a strong general education, and is flexible enough for students to pursue specialty courses suitable for pre-veterinary students. This is especially true for the zoology major, which was designed to offer the basic science courses along with a high degree of flexibility in choice of advanced courses.


The Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has an agreement with the University of Vermont for our majors to apply for admission in the spring of the student’s sophomore year. Successful applicants are then offered admission with a guarantee of a slot in the Tuft’s entering class once the student graduates.  Tuft’s is one of the finest veterinary schools in the world, and is especially appropriate for students interested in wildlife or zoo medicine.

The agreement allows students a streamlined admission procedure that saves the time and expense that is typical for applying to schools of veterinary medicine, and insures the student by the end of sophomore year that there is a reserved seat waiting at Tufts.

Requirements and Applying

  • Students must be sophomores pursuing the bachelors degree in one of our majors
  • The student must keep at least a 3.4 GPA throughout the four years here at UVM
  • Pre-requisite courses must be completed and a degree awarded from UVM
  • Students must have completed a series of science courses to apply; these courses are exactly those required of majors in the biology department in the first three semesters of our programs
  • By graduation, students must complete a series of courses listed on the Tufts website which also match those required of our Biology, Biological Science, and Zoology majors
  • Students apply by March 1 of the sophomore year. 
  • No GRE exam is required; the SAT exam results will be used instead
  • Top applicants will visit the Tufts campus for an interview in April, and offers of admission are given by May 1

Preparing to Apply

Students should pursue one of the Biology Department majors (especially Zoology and Biological Science), finishing 3 semesters of Biology, 3 semesters of Chemistry, and 2 semesters of Mathematics by the end of the third semester.  Experience working with animals, such as in a veterinary clinic, is highly recommended. Students should also become involved in research in the laboratory or field (BIOL 191/192, Research Apprenticeship) to demonstrate hands-on skills.

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