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The Vermont Biomedical Research Network (VBRN (, formerly VGN) Proteomics Facility operates with the goals of providing expertise and the latest proteomics technology to researchers, and establishing an educational environment for sharing experience and knowledge in proteomics.  We work with faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students, providing guidance and support for their proteomics projects from initial experimental design, sample preparation, and instrument operation to data interpretation and publications. 

My colleagues and I maintain multiple mass spectrometry instrumentation (LTQ linear ion trap, LTQ-XL-ETD linear ion trap, LTQ-Orbitrap Discovery, Exploris 240, and Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid), evaluate new technologies and software, and develop methodologies to address emerging proteomics and mass spectrometry needs.  We give seminars, guest lectures, and facility tours to faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students from UVM and Baccalaureate Partner Institutions. (

Internship/ Research opportunities:

We have an active proteomics internship program in the facility.  Interns will be involved in using modern mass spectrometry-based proteomics approaches to address questions in a highly collaborative manner.   Interested students of any standing who are willing to commit a minimum of 80 hrs/semester are welcome to apply at  Individuals are encouraged to contact the facility ( or stop by the lab for a visit before applying.  

More information about the internship program can be found at

Yin Wai Iam

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Proteomics, Biological mass spectrometry


  • Ph.D. (Biochemistry), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1998-2001
  • Postdoctoral fellow, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2001-2005


  • 802-656-4709
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FMRB 152