Dr. Jones is a Lecturer in the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Vermont. Originally from Massachusetts, she has lived in a variety of locales around the globe before returning to New England to teach. After college, she spent a number of years working in wildlife behavior and management before returning to school for a Masters in Ecology and her D.V.M. from the University of California, Davis.

Next, she completed a specialty veterinary internship in Zoological Medicine at Louisiana State University. She then spent a year with Jon Arnemo's Conservation Medicine Group in Norway as a Fulbright Scholar, working with large carnivores and ungulates. Her Ph.D. followed in Australia, studying the impact of disturbances on the health and behavior of the cutest marsupial you've never heard of - the critically endangered woylie (or brush-tailed bettong).

Most recently, she served as a scientist with the Smithsonian's Global Health Program, focusing on wildlife health and conservation around the world, particularly East Africa. In addition to her passion for wildlife health, behavior, and conservation, she is also very interested in shelter animal medicine and management and domestic animal behavior.

Check out her Researchgate profile here for more information on some of her research and collaborations.


Krista in the Davis Ctr

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Wildlife Health, Behavior, and Conservation; Veterinary Medicine; Exotic Pets; Primates, Carnivores, and Marsupials


  • B.A. Pomona College
  • M.S. University of California, Davis
  • D.V.M. University of California, Davis
  • Ph.D. Murdoch University


  • 802-656-9607
Office Location:

309 B Terrill Building

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Upon Request