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Please read the following on the main page before starting!!!
Barn Constitution (revised February 2016) (right hand side)
Code of Conduct (right hand side)
Guidelines for Acceptance (Accordion Menu at bottom of page)
Normal Daily Scenarios for Horse Barn Members (Accordion Menu at bottom of page)
Barn Member Responsibilities (Accordion Menu at bottom of page)
Horse Barn Facilities (Accordion Menu at bottom of page)
Fact Sheet (Accordion Menu at bottom of page)

As a rough guide, most barn members spend about an hour per day at the barn (including cleaning their stall, doing assigned chores, doing 3-4 hours of “horse watch” a week, plus riding), as well as attending weekly barn meetings, weekly “night checks” with a partner, 2-3 “weekend watches” per semester, and participate in fall and spring barn events. Barn members will complete 7 days of vacation watch during the academic year; vacation watch days include Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. Additionally, barn members are required to sign up for ASCI 021, “Horse Barn Cooperative,” each semester that their horse is in the barn. Barn members meet weekly on Monday evenings to discuss current events in the barn and other need-to-know issues; we also meet fortnightly after barn meeting as a class to discuss practical equine applications. We expect co-op members to rearrange their academic schedule to make room for meetings and co- op class (Monday 5:00 – 6:00 pm). These meetings are fundamental to assuring good communication in the barn. We understand that your academic schedule and family emergencies are a priority over your duties as a barn member. However, if you choose to be a part of the cooperative, your barn duties take priority over jobs. Please honestly evaluate this time commitment before applying to the horse barn.

Please Include with this application:
A short written essay (maximum 2 pages) telling the UVM Horse Barn students and advisors how you and your horse will make a contribution to the cooperative and what the term “cooperative barn” means to you. Please provide us with an example of when you took on a large responsibility and how you handled it. Essays can be emailed to .
As part of your application process, it is highly recommended that you contact a member of the UVM Horse Barn Executive Committee and arrange to spend one day either during the week or over a weekend working with that member at the UVM Horse Barn before April 1st. Please email to arrange this.
Please include with this application: (send info to the same day application is submitted with your name in the subject)
• Proof of current (within one year) rabies and a negative Coggins test (photocopy of these is acceptable)
• A full-bodied color picture of your horse
• Two letters of recommendation: one for you and one for your horse -- these must be from two different sources and not from a close relative
• Brief written essay addressing the following questions: What does the term “co-operative barn” mean to you? A situation in which you took on a big responsibility and how you managed that responsibility
• Optional- a short (3-5 min) video of your horse

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