Student in safety cabinet making a cell culture

Welcome to the ABIO Open Positions page

Please see listings below for openings. Note that even if there isn't an actively posted opening we strongly encourage you to submit an application if you have an interest in a particular lab. You can see what each lab is working on by visiting their lab site or reading their faculty page for general interests.

ASCI Labs in Terrill

  • Dr. John Barlow (ASCI)
  • Dr. Sabrina Greenwood (ASCI)
  • Dr. Jana Kraft (ASCI)
  • Dr. Stephanie McKay (ASCI)
  • Dr. Julie Smith (ASCI)
  • Dr. Eric Testroet (ASCI) - currently looking for a Masters or PhD student, see Testroet Lab for more info
  • Dr. David Townson (ASCI)
  • Dr. Feng-Qi Zhao (ASCI)

Affiliated Lab

  • Dr. Heather Dann (Miner Institute, Adjunct Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Andrea Etter (NFS)
  • Dr. Kalev Freeman (Surgery)
  • Dr. Rick Grant (Miner Institute, Adjunct Professor)
  • Dr. Mingruo Guo (NFS)
  • Dr. Sarah Morrison (Miner Institute, Adjunct Assistant Professor)