Sent by Annie Stevens, Vice Provost Division of Student Affairs

On behalf of President Sullivan, Provost Rosowsky, Vice President, Wanda Heading-Grant and myself, I am following up regarding the list of demands you have stated and our response on Friday, September 29, 2017.  We thought it would be helpful for you to know which senior leader will be the best contact for each of the listed issues so that we can have further dialogue and better understanding about how to move forward. The list of senior leaders is below.

  1. Diversity training – Wanda Heading-Grant
  2. Hire faculty of color – David Rosowsky and Jim Vigoreaux
  3. D1/D2 Courses – David Rosowsky, Jim Vigoreaux, Brian Reed with faculty senate leadership (Cathy Paris and Jan Carney)
  4. Qualified professors – David Rosowsky and Jim Vigoreaux 
  5. Hate Crimes labeled as such – Annie Stevens and Jes Kraus
  6. Fraternity and Sorority Life mandatory training – Annie Stevens
  7. Student to be expelled – Annie Stevens
  8. Funding – Annie Stevens with SGA;

           Events and activities that are campus-wide-Annie Stevens

  1. Donations to ALANA-based organizations– Annie Stevens and Shane Jacobson
  2. Naming Buildings- Tom Gustafson

We are committed to continued dialogue and to working with you and other interested students to move these initiatives forward.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please let me know.



Annie Stevens, Ph.D.
Vice Provost
Division of Student Affairs
University of Vermont 

(802) 656-3380


Krista Lynn Malaney