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Vermont Agriculture Land Access Database (LAD)

If you are a farmer searching for land, farm, or employment opportunities...

LAD will enable you to search available farms and land for sale or for lease.  It can enable you to search farm employment opportunities.  In some cases, LAD might also introduce you to unique ways to access land or other farm opportunities, such as through connecting with farm partners or cooperatives.

Remember, Vermont LAD is just one of many tools that you can use on your path towards viable tenure and stewardship.  Please take advantage of the land access related resources offered through the UVM Extension New Farmer Project to learn more about various farm tenure options, how to gather information about farm properties, crafting lease agreements, land stewardship, and other land access related topics.  Please call the Land Access Consultant, Ben Waterman at (802) 656-9142 or email with any questions about listed opportunities or to schedule a free consultation.

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Serious seekers should submit this form.  It will enable UVM Extension to better understand your farming needs so we can contact you when opportunities arise that might fit your situation.  UVM Extension also encourages you to contact us to discuss farm access and employment strategies.  Providing baseline information through this form will enable both of us to operate more efficiently if you do contact us to initiate a consultation/conversation to discuss options for acquiring land and capital, or to discuss other ways in which you can fulfill your farming goals.

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