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Organizations that Assist Vermont's New and Aspiring Farmers

Organizations that Assist Vermont's Aspiring and Beginning Farmers

Across Vermont, there are many organizations committed to serving the needs of new and aspiring farmers in Vermont. The table below shows many of those organizations, indicating the primary "Access areas" in which each provides services. Think your organization should be listed here? Learn more.

Capital & Credit

Join the Vermont New Farmer Network

Membership is informal and dynamic. It is open to any agency, organization, or institution and any farmers interested in fulfilling the mission or participating in particular activity. The core group at present are those have provided the descriptions that follow. For more information on joining the network, please contact the UVM Extension New Farmer Project at

The goals of the network are to:

  • Strengthen collaboration among agencies and organizations serving new and aspiring farmers:
  • Enhance commitment and effectiveness of agencies serving new and aspiring farmers;
  • Coordinate program planning and development to address gaps in services to these farmers;
  • Identify and compile information on resources to help new and aspiring farmers access them; and,
  • Promote innovate and creative approaches to helping these farmers succeed.


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