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About the New Farmer Project: Using this Site

Our approach is designed to help you streamline access to information that is most relevant to your unique interests and needs. Each farmer brings a unique set of skills and experience to their farm enterprise. You may have worked on a lot of farms but never explored the business side of farming. You may be running your own farm independently, but are now exploring a new enterprise or approaching a new scale. This may be your second career, and you need access to hands-on learning opportunities. You may, well… you tell us!

Sign Up

We recommend that you start by signing up for the New Farmer Email list. Our sign-up form lets you tell us what topics you're interested in so that we can be sure that you know about learning opportunities and resources related to those topics without cluttering your inbox.

Browse the Calendar

Our Calendar and Educational Events links contain information about classes, workshops, field days, webinars and other educational events relevant to aspiring and beginning farmers. Most of these events occur in Vermont or neighboring states, but we also sometimes list relevant national conferences or learning opportunities.

Poke around our virtual "Toolsheds"

Use the topic area links to the left to research and explore topics of interest to you. You'll find fact sheets, guides, webinar recordings, and other informational materials in each toolshed. We're adding new information weekly, so check back to these areas often. Visit our Resource Guide to get connected to all the organizations offering services to Vermont’s new farmers.

Register for a workshop, webinar or course

Online, in the classroom and in the field, our educational offerings focus on seasonally important topics for people who are establishing and growing new farm businesses.

Check out land, employment and funding opportunities

Items listed in our "Quick Links" panel direct you to listings of land, employment, grants and loans. These listings are updated frequently.

Tell us what you think

This site is new, so we're looking for your feedback on how to make it valuable to you. Your input is critical to the success of the New Farmer Project!

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